Sometimes, boys dress like girls. Sometimes, people absolutely freak out about it and try to ban it for everyone because they can't handle the fabulousness.

With Boise Pride behind us, the very vocal minority who were mad about it needed something else to tweet about, and that brings us here.

The "Idaho Family Policy Center," a very conservative religious group, wants to ban all drag performances where it's even possible for minors to be present. Their reasoning? Per their website (which we won't link to, because ew):

...(IFPC) recognizes biblical truths in sexuality and gender.

Don't think they're serious? Well, watch out, because they brought some receipts along with their hatred. Over 3,500 Idahoans have signed said petition. That's right, a whopping one-tenth of one percent of people living in Idaho think that we should change up everything because they said so.

Well, pineapple on pizza sucks because I said so. Ban that.

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