Yesterday, over 40 mobile homes were evacuated, now those residents have a place to go.

The Boise River is now flowing at 9500 cfs, and it's causing some flooding issues along the banks. One area that was hit hard yesterday was a mobile home park in Eagle, Riviera Estates.

It's located in an area between two sections of the Boise River known as the Boise River Bowl. It's literally underwater, and 40 mobile homes had to be evacuated.

Luckily now there's a place where they can take shelter. The American Red Cross of Greater Idaho has set up a shelter in Eagle:

Eagle Nazarene Church, 1001 W. State Street, Eagle, ID 83616.

If you know someone that had to be evacuated, but maybe already has living accommodations, those folks can still stop by the shelter "for meals, information and support."

Check out some of the flooding aftermath below.

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