At approximately 1:15 p.m., a call was received at the Townsquare Media offices that there was an active evacuation occurring at the Boise Towne Square Mall.

A frequent caller stated she was sitting outside eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory when she saw Boise PD cars arrive at the mall and begin evacuating the scene.

"People said they were told to leave just as they were, to drop their things immediately and evacuate" the witness reported.

Minutes later, Boise PD reported on Twitter that officers were "responding to a scene at the Boise Towne Mall. A perimeter has been set up to leave the mall at this time. The mall is closed for now. No injuries are reported at this time."

Just six minutes later, Boise PD again Tweeted, stating that upon further investigation officers have found the scene to be safe and clear.

The said that officers were opening the mall at this time.

Great news, and thanks to our boys in black and blue for their quick response and timely updates as always.

That being said, our eyewitness described traffic at the mall, as traffic was stopped in all directions, was an absolute mess and we think it's probably a good idea to stay away for a while.

If further details into this admittedly strange event are released, we will be sure to let you know.

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