2020 is the year we'd all like to forget. Health scares, unemployment, social injustice, murder hornets, and earthquakes have us wondering what could happen next. I, for one, wish that I was a kid that had no responsibility. In those days, I would handle my sadness by retreating to the backyard treehouse that my father built. It was the place that no one else was allowed in, and it felt like the safest place in the world.
Maybe running to the treehouse in the backyard seems like a pretty ridiculous place to go for a 40+-year-old, but running to one of these Idaho treehouses could be just what the doctor ordered to hide from 2020.
Almost directly east of Boise is Ketchum, Idaho, where for just $79 per night, you can stay in the larger of two treehouses. There are no bathrooms, so you'll have to share one with the people renting the other treehouse, but this will definitely remind you of simpler times.

If you just want to get off the grid for a while, this treehouse near Couer d'Alene is perfect. It was built in the '50s and remodeled a few years ago. There's no wifi and no cell service.  

You're not going to find a better treehouse in Idaho than this one in Sandpoint. It's three stories and even has a bathroom!  Bring your own movies and player because again, there's no wifi. That view, though!


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