You've been playing the game for years and FINALLY collected the right markers for something bigger than a $5 grocery gift card! It sure would stink to find out that you've accidentally disqualified yourself from winning a prize...wouldn't it?

Going into 2019, I gave the year a "theme." For me, 2019 was going to be the year of a million dreams.  For so long, I worked in a position where traveling or doing any type of self-care was discouraged and mocked.  But now? Now, I'm really lucky to work for a supervisor who encourages going after those once in a lifetime opportunities and building new experiences. That's why I'm able to look forward to a trips to Napa Valley, Denver and New York City before the year's over! The only drawback? Travel costs money. I'm going to be so poor for rest of the year so I've developed the full-proof plan to win one of the big cash prizes in this year's Albertsons "Shop, Play, Win" Monopoly game! (Hey, a girl can dream.)

If you've got the same lofty goals, DO NOT under any circumstances use glue on your game board! Under the "How to Play: Official Game Board" section of the rules it clearly says "Do not place official game markers on the official game board with glue or tape in a permanent manner."

Why? Because if you should win a prize, you'll need to remove those markers from the board and affix them to a new official prize form given to you after you take your board to the Customer Service Center at Albertsons. If you can't get them off and onto that form, you're out of luck...and that would suck!

We understand that you might be nervous that your pieces might fall off as you fold and refold your game board, but better safe than sorry, right?!

Best of luck to those of you who are equally as addicted as me! So far I've won tomato sauce, sour cream, a box of tissues and some donuts. That's not exactly helping me pay for my trips, but's a step in the right direction!

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