Oh my goodness!  This morning I told the story of meeting a woman last night that has been searching me out for the last year and we met by complete coincidence, or was it?

Her name is Sonya Rosario and she is a filmmaker, activist and poet who resides here in the Treasure Valley.  She’s been featured in the Idaho Women’s Journal as well as The Idaho Statesman.  We have never met before until the dinner I emceed last night.

She introduced herself and proceeded to tell me she heard me on the air a year ago talking about losing my Mom to cancer.  Something I said in that moment connected with her as she had recently lost her mother too.  It was then she began to look for me for a documentary she is filming and producing about the mother/daughter bond and what happens when one of them passes.  There was only one problem; she had no idea who I was or what station I worked for in the Treasure Valley.

Sonya would ask every radio station she came across if they were aware of the woman DJ who had lost her mother and where she could find me.  The problem with this, I never really discussed my loss at work with all my co-workers, a few know, the others don’t.

I’ve definitely discussed this loss on-air with you, but the message hasn’t reached everyone, yet.  Sonya had left her information with Robin Scott at a Lite FM event a couple weeks back as they discussed the possibility that I may be that woman, but Robin was unsure.  Robin’s life is crazy in itself right now as she is struggling with the illness and possible passing of her father.  I never received the information.

So fast forward and here we are.  In the last 48 hours I’ve received, what I believe are a couple messages from my mom.  One happened over the weekend at the Women Ignite Conference from Dr. Janice Lung.  She played a PowerPoint presentation set to the music of One EskimO’s “Amazing.”  It’s my song in dedication to my mom.  The funny thing is, not a lot of people are familiar with this group so imagine my amazement when the PowerPoint starts.  I begin every walk or exercise routine with this song as well as using it at work when I’m in a difficult spot.  It inspires me to be a better person no matter what the circumstances.


Another thing that happened this morning, as I’m pondering all this information, in my head pops Nancy Contreras.  She’s a psychic medium here in the Treasure Valley and she is incredible.  I haven’t talked to Nancy in almost four years, but in my head she pops this morning.  So I’ve tracked her down and tomorrow she will be on my show to talk about this energy that’s surrounding me and what does it all mean.  Even if you don’t believe, I guarantee you will feel a little more connected to the world around you after you spend some time with Nancy.

All I ever want to do is bring you joy each and every day whether is through the music I play, the contests we have, or the time we spend together.  There’s a reason for this divine intervention and tomorrow we will explore what that is for all of us!  You’re amazing!

Make it a healthy day!