Spend any time in the Treasure Valley and you'll know all about Cowgirls in Kuna. The infamous country bar has been out in Kuna for years and where else in the world would such a specialized, great time thrive the way that it does, than here in Idaho. Long before I was even old enough to drink, I knew that Cowgirls was a place to have a great time and of course as the years have gone on, that "perception" has become a reality.

Are you really an Idahoan if you haven't had a wild night at Cowgirls?

Well, in a recent turn of events, one person had SO MUCH fun at Cowgirls, they decided to take a little souvenir home with them--and the bar is hoping, in good humor, that they might get it back...

In their Facebook post, the bar said:

. . .can we have our trash can back? Look, we aren’t mad. We’ve all been there a time or two and we appreciate you guys getting your friend home safe. Just clean it and we’ll call it even

While we're sure that it was a nice trash can--if someone was sick enough to need to drive off with it, I'm not sure that I would ever want that thing back!

Check out the debauchery in the security camera footage for yourself, below:

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