A dance aesthetic still considered taboo by many, the art of pole dance is breaking its way into the Boise mainstream, one pair of stripper heels at a time.

Young women, single women, mothers, grandmothers, and highly accomplished businesswomen are seeing sensual movement in a light far removed from that of a disco ball.

A zero-impact exercise, pole dance builds total-body strength, endurance, and flexibility fast. Said to be as fun as it challenging, polers often assert the dance art yields confidence they never dreamed they'd have, and fun they didn't realize they were missing out on.

Curious? So was I! As I prepare to a adopt a new spring-summer, zero-impact fitness regime, I'm ready to make room for the art of pole dance. Who's with me?

Below are three Boise dance studios that specialize in pole dance and aerial arts!

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Dance like everyone's watching...and own it. 3 Studios That Teach Pole Dancing in Boise

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