Ada County may have slid back into Stage 3, but gatherings of 10-50 people are still acceptable. Members are bummed that one of Costco's most popular bakery items won't be an option for scaled back birthday or graduation celebrations.

I can't say that I blame them, $20 for a cake that large is a pretty sweet deal. The membership warehouse announced the change at their bakery through a post promoting their smaller round 10" cakes as a way to celebrate 2020 graduates. At the end of the post, they simply stated that "Half-sheet cakes are currently not available to order or customize."

Confused, Facebook user Allison Kauffman asked the question all of us were wondering. "Why are sheet cakes not available?" A member of the Costco social media team commented back that it was a move to increase social distancing and personal contact in the bakery department.

Needless to say the comment section on that post are absolutely ruthless right now. Many members are questioning what the size of the cakes has to do with distance between employees in the kitchen. One of them even went as far as creating a petition encouraging Costco to reconsider what seems like a silly decision. We're not sure what day that went up, but so far it's only gained 57 signatures.

I'm not a Costco member and I'm not really a cake person, so I have no dog in this fight. I do have to say the "social distancing" in the bakery department reasoning seems odd. Now if they had said that demand for large cakes were down because gatherings being discouraged during the COVID-19 pandemic, I could see that being a totally valid reason.

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