Looks like the Treasure Valley is getting a White Christmas after all! Remembering how much snow piled up this time last year, the City of Meridian is getting prepared ahead of the storm.

The City of Meridian is looking to build a database of neighbors willing to help others shovel their driveways.  That information will be used to best distribute volunteers to neighborhoods most impacted by the fluffy white stuff.

If you'd like to volunteer yourself or organization you work with click HERE! Just answer a few simple questions about where you're most often locate and what type of snow removal equipment you own.

The database will be called into action if Mayor Tammy declares a state of emergency.  If that happens the city will also take calls from those in need of a little help via the city's hotline.

They are currently NOT accepting requests from residents looking for help shoveling their driveways this early into the snowfall.

Meridian is expected to get 1-3 inches of snow on Christmas Eve and less than half an inch on Christmas Day.

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