Contentious debates and protests are already going on within the polarizing discussion of abortion in the United States of America.  While this is a debate that has never particularly "settled down"--legally, the Supreme Court of the United States of America DID indeed legalize Abortion years ago.

Now, an unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court of the United States is suggesting that Roe vs Wade may actually be overturned.

Here in Idaho, and in several other states across the nation, this may mean abortion bans. In the instance of our own Idaho, a "trigger ban" is in place meaning that if the ruling were to be overturned, the State of Idaho will already have a ban in place for nearly all abortions.

A major employer here in Idaho--Chobani--has made a major announcement this morning. According to company CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, any employee of Chobani, which includes the massive plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, will be able to have transportation and lodging covered for access to abortions across state lines.

He shared a statement on Twitter:



While this health benefit may be used for abortion, it is being reported that the new policy covers more than just abortion, as well.

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