Over 2000 people have been injured and 223 killed because of distracted driving from cell phones. I started looking and we are one of the most lax states there are when it comes to cell phones and driving. To me there is no reason to not have some strict laws when it comes to that subject, except the lawmakers who are against it text while driving.

Oh did I open that can of worms.  Yes the only reason we don't have laws that meet the national standards is because of lawmakers thinking they can text and drive just fine.  I would like to see them have to complete in a texting while driving challenge and see how fast they change their minds.

We have more traffic than the roads can handle, then you add someone slowing things down because they can't ignore a text and you have the perfect mixture for accidents. To me it's a complete no brainer to make texting while driving really stiff.  The first thing we would notice is our auto insurance rates would go down because of stricter laws, that's enough for me.

In order to meet national standards for texting/cellphone use while driving laws, if you are under 18, you would be banned from using a cellphone in the car. After seeing the mayhem that happens when schools let out, this one should be enacted right away.

If nothing else make it a penalty of losing your license for 10 years if you get into an accident while using a cell phone, that would pretty well eliminate the problem right away. It may seem a little harsh, but more this last year crashes caused by cell phone distraction outdid driving drunk crashes.

I think we have enough awareness, we need some tough penalties and make them stick.  I also think that an accident caused by cellphone use that kills someone, should be treated like MURDER. Because you thought you were more important than anyone else and had to read that text, someone is dead.  You knew better and there was nothing impairing your thought process, except narcissism and  stupidity.

Oh, those pledge things that you sign that say you won't text and drive, yeah those work about as well as New Years resolutions.

Your Thought?

Kevin Mee


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