They say the devil is in the details. However, how often do we look at the details after a remarkable win by the area's favorite college football team? The Boise State Football Team is preparing to take on Fresno State at home this Saturday. Social media is praising the Bronco's recent win against San Diego State. Although, most fans continue to wonder whether or not the team will ever get back to its path of past successes.

One decent half of offensive football is not a blueprint for a Mountain West Championship. The recent comments by Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter have the experts wondering who will lead the team next year. Coach Koetter told the media he is a temporary fix and is looking forward to his retirement life.

The Andy Avalos run hasn't lived up to Boise State's standards. The team hasn't been relevant in the post-season discussion since 2014. The majority, not his entire staff except his defensive coordinator, has been turned over. Is Coach Avalos next?
One of college football's most recognized experts says the Boise State coach is number two on his hot seat of coaches in danger of losing his job. Dennis Dodd is no hot-take kid living in his parent's basement, blogging speculative stories. Mr. Dodd has for years written for CBS Sports. During the college football season, he publishes his hot-seat list of coaches who could be getting the boot.

According to Mr. Dodd, the only coach in a hotter seat than Coach Avalos is former Boise State Football Coach, now Auburn Coach Bryan Harsin. Mr. Dodd holds nothing back in justifying his take on the future of the Boise State coaching situation.

'The Broncos lost their brand, their swagger, and their way'

Didn't you used to be Boise? Oregon's former defensive coordinator was thought to be an ideal choice when Harsin left for Auburn. Avalos played for Dan Hawkins and spent seven years as a Boise assistant. But the Broncos have lost their brand, their swagger and their way.

What do they do well other than defense (No. 3 nationally, limiting opponents to 229 yards per game)? There's no flash, no Statues of Liberty, no excitement. Last year's 7-5 record was Boise's worst since 1998. This year, the Broncos have beaten only New Mexico and UT-Martin. Offensive coordinator Tim Plough has been fired. QB Hank Bachmeier is transferring. Would Harsin come back? Preseason rating: 2

The season is not over, and we doubt anyone will look at the Broncos as objectively as Mr. Dodd. The program's future depends on an offense that generates points, not negative headlines.

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