Overall, Boise is one of the safest cities in the United States.

But that doesn't mean that your car is always safe from bandits.

While there isn't one area that car thieves specifically target, there are a few pockets in Boise where there are an above average amount of cars stolen.

Downtown Boise

In the past three months, cars have been jacked on Main Street, Bannock Street, Fairview Avenue, Whitewater Park Boulevard, 28th Street, and other downtown hot spots.

Near The Cross Streets Of Ustick And Cole

Six car thefts have occurred recently within four blocks of the popular intersection.

Orchard And Emerald

The area between St Alphonsus and Morris Hill Cemetery has been popping up more and more on police scanners due to recent car jackings.


According to the U.S. Department Of State, here's some common scenarios in which car thefts occur:

The Bump

You get rear-ended, and the bandit stage may even stage an injury. While the damage to the vehicles is assessed, the attacker or an accomplice steals your vehicle.

The Ruse

The thief trails you and flashes their brights or waves to indicate they need assistance. When you pull over in an attempt to do the right thing, your vehicle is stolen.

The Trap

Carjackers survey you and your vehicle and follow you home. When you pull up into your driveway or into your garage, the thieves pull up and block your car.