There is no question that if you live in Idaho, you will see wildlife. I was recently told by someone in Fish and Game that while I have never seen a mountain lion, a mountain lion has most certainly seen me. They hide in trees and places you wouldn't expect; they just aren't interested in me as prey, and as long as they don't feel threatened, I probably won't see one. It's not uncommon to see a snake on the greenbelt, deer running across the road, the occasional bear in the foothills, or even a moose in northern parts of the state. But I have never seen a camel on an Idaho road until now.

Seeing an animal like a camel in Idaho is pretty surprising in itself. There isn't one at ZooBoise, and while the name may suggest otherwise, there are no camels at Camel's Back Park.

We do know of three camels in the Treasure Valley. All three of them are in Kuna, where a family who owns a large piece of land and loves humped animals has adopted them. They have created an experience on Airbnb so that you, too, can enjoy the majesty of these large but peaceful creatures. Information on how to experience the Kuna camels with your family is below.

We believe one of those camels was traveling when this video was shot and posted on Instagram. The shock of driving down the road, minding your own business, when suddenly a school bus carrying one camel and no children passes on the right caught this person by surprise. Admittedly, it is quite a unique experience you won't soon forget. We love hearing the shock and surprise expressed in this video that was appropriately captioned, "Only In Idaho!"

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