I spent the weekend riding around the Treasure Valley with a California transplant. He and his family moved here two years ago after deciding that they wanted a better life for their family. They could sell their home in Los Angeles and come to Idaho with enough money to buy a beautiful house and take a year off work.

As we spent the day running errands, it was easy to see that he was becoming frustrated. I asked what the problem was, and he said he loved everything about living in Boise except for a few things. All of those things had to do with the way we drive.

Remember that California is crowded. It's full of people, and it's full of crime. The police are concerned about catching real criminals causing real problems. They are not necessarily focused on the little traffic things. His driving habits were formed where the law was bendable regarding moving violations. Many of those habits have led to his driving frustrations in Idaho, where the law is the law, and the law is mostly respected.

These six things make him very upset. He told me they are frustrations that all California transplants share and that he knows of at least one person who moved back to California because they couldn't take them anymore.

If you are one of those that would prefer to keep Californians away from Idaho, make sure to keep up your law-abiding ways. If you've recently moved here from out of state, doing these things will help you fit into the Idaho culture even faster.


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