I'm not sure if everyone's going this route now but I like it.  About a month ago the theater at The Village announced they're implementing a major overhaul and one of the big bonuses is that they're adding more spacious seats that are made from leather and recline. Guess what?  The Reel Theater in Caldwell just beat them to it.  It's becoming a trend and theaters are realizing that by making viewers more comfortable, they come more often and even though the theater can only fit about half of what they'd normally fit, they make just as much or more.

Some theaters charge a bit more for the luxurious experience but it's well worth it.  Oh, and bringing in a blanket or pillow is not only accepted, it's encouraged.  I find it tough to stay awake for two hours when I bring all my comfy gear but hey, to each their own right?

The Reel Theater in Caldwell is located at 913 Arthur Street, Caldwell, Idaho, and showtimes are listed below.

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