these look familiar to you?

Boise State's getting close to wrapping up their regular season schedule and will travel to Colorado State to take on the Rams this weekend.  Kick off is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. and the game can be seen on CBS Sports Network.  If you're a Bronco fan watching the game on TV, you may want to take a double take when Colorado State takes the field.

The Rams are wearing their Under Armour alternate "State Pride" uniforms for the game.  The new jerseys are a far departure from the school's normal green and gold color combo.  The jerseys and helmets are white and feature the state flag's "C" instead of the Ram's logo. CSU's athletic director tells the Denver Post that he thinks the jerseys really embody the pride that the entire state feels for the university.

Yeah...Bronco fans didn't feel the same way when they got the first look at them. These look awfully familiar. In the photos posted with the announcement of the new jerseys the red outline on the numbers sure does look orange, doesn't it?

The font on the numbers look near identical to Boise State's white jerseys and the font Under Armour chose for the team name looks pretty similar to what Nike used on the new Boise State jerseys when they were unveiled in May.

The only difference is that Boise State is italicized on the Broncos.  Even the blue stripes surrounding the "C" are reminiscent of the stripes on the BSU unis. Yup, there's no doubt about it, at first glance these look like Boise State uniforms.

The Coloradoan explains that Rams fans ate up the new design.  Many of the "State Pride" designs sold out when they were introduced and were either listed as back ordered or "unavailable."

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