After a 30-19 win over Air Force, Boise State gets to relax with a ranking hanging next to their name in both the Coaches and AP Polls. 

This weekend saw a lot of shake-ups for Top 25 teams. #10 Utah lost to USC, #11 Michigan lost to #13 Wisconsin, #15 UCF lost to Pittsburgh (more on this later,) #19 Washington State lost to UCLA and #24 Arizona State lost to Colorado. Boise State however, did what they needed to do and put up a W against a pretty good Air Force team. That perfect storm was enough to bump the Broncos to #15 in the Coaches Pol and #16 in the AP Poll ahead of their bye week next weekend.

The Broncos also got a bit of a gift thanks to the UCF/Pittsburgh game. Prior to the match-up UCF, the only other Group of 5 team ranked ahead of Boise State, had won 27 regular season games in a row. If the Broncos can win out, this paves the way for them to secure the Group of 5's invitation to a New Year's Six Bowl Game.

So which game could that be? CBS Sports is projecting that to be a match-up against the Big Ten's Wisconsin Badgers in the Cotton Bowl on December 28.

According to one Boise Uber Driver, the Cotton Bowl representative was here in the Treasure Valley a few weeks ago to watch the Broncos take on Marshall, so there might be a lot of truth to those early predictions!

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