Students who might not otherwise go to college have that chance, thanks to a program at Boise State.

The Borah Bridge/Boise State Service-Learning partnership has all sorts of benefits, according to the school.  It gives Boise State students experience working with refugees from around the world, and it gives high school students the chance to work with parents, teachers, and administrators through the Boise ISD's English language learning program.

Boise State says more than 30 former Borah Bridge students have chosen to attend Boise State after graduating from high school.

We might all notice the impact of the program.  The university says Boise is one of the nation’s leaders in accepting refugees from around the world, taking in more than twice as many Syrian refugees as New York City and Los Angeles combined in just the last year.  Student groups on campus work to support refugees too.

The program is giving students an opportunity that they might not have had otherwise, which is one more reason why Boise proves it's a pretty great place to be.