It's Spring Break in Idaho, and for Boise State Athletics, it's a time to reflect on a rewarding yet challenging year. The football team once again did not meet the expectations. Still, the Leon Rice-led basketball team provided a much-needed spark for an athletic program that desperately needed a hefty dose of positive momentum.

Boise State's 5 Top Spring Football Questions

A look at five big challenges that Boise State must solve by the end of spring football.

I don't know if the public will ever really know how much money the athletic department lost due to Covid. (All college programs have suffered significant financial setbacks due to losing the ability to host home games during Covid.) Boise State doesn't have a large number of cash supplies to help them weather a financial storm. Boise State Football was built on winning big games and outkicking the coverage.

Athletic Director Jeramiah Dickey will have to use all of his Jedi Marketing Powers to attempt to draw more fans to home games for football. There isn't a big draw like a Michigan State or a Florida State to entice Idahoans to buy season ticket packages. I believe the only major game on the home schedule is against BYU. The Bronco's opportunities to win cannot be squandered away like last year.

Coach Avalos has replaced his 'young staff' with experienced coaches who should help avoid last season's mistakes.' Will offensive coordinator Tim Plough be the first to go if the offense falters again? Plough's offense was a major weakness of the team last year.

Speaking of success, will Mr. Dickey and the orange-clad dancing BSU President Marlene Tromp award Leon Rice with a new deal and a raise? Rice's consistency, he's been longer than three football coaches, has provided a solid backbone for basketball and the entire athletic program.

Credit: YouTube / Idaho Statesman
Credit: YouTube / Idaho Statesman

His success will surely garner the attention of Power Five schools that are looking for their next coach. Boise State must decide if the basketball job is one where they value long-term service or if it's more like a first job at a tv station.

Boise State University Volleyball Mountain West Champions

Security Slams Boise State Students to Ground After Win

History was made at ExtraMile Arena on the night of Tuesday, March 1st. When you think of the arena--you may think of your favorite concerts or acts. No, a sell out crowd didn't set a record. The Boise State men's basketball team did. One might think that a major celebration was in order. Clearly, some security folks had a different idea.

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