There are a couple of days left in September, and some Boise skaters took the opportunity this month during National Recovery Month to help some guys and girls who are are in the process of overcoming addictions.  The Treasure Valley is really good at helping a neighbor, and this is more proof.

The Fall into Fort competition was held last weekend at Fort Boise Park, and several businesses joined in to help the skaters support the recovery community.

Boise Weekly says the zero-tolerance house River Sober Living, wanted to use involvement in the event to support those in recovery and help those still in need.  The goal is to help those struggling with alcohol or drugs connect with the resources they need.  All of the sponsorship money went into the cost of the event, and the goal was to raise awareness for the recovery community.  The skaters at the Fall into Fort competition were on board with that.

Fort Boise Park is open for skaters year round, so it's a good place to practice for the next competition. And you can soak up fall with the softball fields and tennis courts there too.

For more on River Sober Living, click HERE.  And if you're in the recovery community now, congrats on taking important steps.  We know it's not an easy journey and we'll be there to high five and support you in October too.

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