Some homes in Boise are selling the day the go on the market, which is awesome news for sellers.  But it also means buyers might be stressed out and close to giving up.

Here's what the hot real estate market in Boise means for all of us.

A home might go on the market at 10am on a Thursday, and by scheduling a showing after work that day we think that gives us plenty of time to have a look, think about it, and make an offer.  Not really!  In a seller's market that home can have multiple offers by 2pm, and even though we didn't really snooze, we still lose.

The Idaho Statesman says there's a low inventory of homes on the market right now, and there are plenty of buyers.  It's summer, we're moving around, and many families want to get settled by the time school starts.

If you find the perfect house and you just have to have it, here's a crazy tactic that just might get the seller's attention.  The Statesman says some buyers are writing personal letters to sellers explaining why their families would cherish a house.  Anything to gain an emotional advantage and get the sellers to throw some favor.

Home prices have increased in Ada and Canyon Counties this year by several percentage points, so you know when you do find that perfect house it will be a great investment.  It's just stressful knowing all those other buyers are thinking the same thing.

If you're already a homeowner, you should feel your net worth increasing right about now.

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