Boise Police Department reports a suspect is in stable condition after a shooting early Tuesday morning on Fairview Avenue between N. Liberty St. and N. Hartman. Following the reopening of the intersection, Boise Chief of Police, Ryan Lee shared a statement with the media this afternoon to share the details behind the dangerous shooting.

“Officers responded at 9:46 this morning to a call of a motor vehicle blocking the road way here on Fairview near the intersection with Liberty. Callers reported that there was what they believe the driver of the other vehicle trying to flag down other cars and they were concerned for his welfare. Officer responded to the scene, he was driving an unmarked police vehicle but he was in full uniform and it was a police vehicle with police emergency lights. Stopped, activated his emergency lights and had a brief interaction with the individual and during that interaction events transpired that made the officer feel compelled to discharge his weapon, wounding the individual and he immediately began lifesaving measures.”

Details behind what sparked the officer-involved shooting are still being investigated with details to follow.

“Out of respect to the investigating agency and the prosecutor officer’s wishes I am not going to elaborate any further at this time on that interaction. What I can say though is that the individual will be facing charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer and he will be facing those charges sometime pending his release from the hospital. At this time, he’s in stable condition, we expect that sometime in the near future that he will be released and then his custody will be transferred over to the Ada Country Jail.”

It's fortunate that everyone will come out of this okay but it’s quite scary to think that this type of crime has been more common recently. If you have any information or cell phone footage regarding the incident, police are asking you to fill out a contact form at to assist in the investigation.

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