I want to know how this guy's still married after fishing EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2018?  His wife is the one that deserves the recognition right?

Stephen Veals is from Boise, Idaho and his adventure started with a friend who had gone fishing for 75 straight days.  Beating that streak was the goal when Veals started but the man became addicted and that 75-day streak ended up going and going and going until Veals pulled out his rod and went fishing every single day of 2018.

When Veals started his journey at the beginning of 2018 he would hit points in his life that were rough.  His father-in-law's health declined, he had to put down his dog, lost his job, vehicle went belly up, and more.  So Veals kept fishing.  Fishing allowed him to focus on the positives.  The bad stuff didn't seem so bad anymore.  So those 75 days turned into 100.  And then 200.  Before he knew it, he was creeping up on fishing every single day of the year and that's exactly what he did.

Veals set a rule that he had to fish at least 15 minutes of every day and some days were very tough to keep the streak alive.  He dealt with plane delays, lost luggage, work issues, family issues, and pretty much all the drama most of us go through on a daily basis.  With all that, he found a way to keep getting out there.  Sometimes late at night when he and the wife just settled in and fishing was about the last thing he wanted to do.

The Idaho Statesman picked up on Veal's story reporting he fished from the Boise River to California mountains to a pond beside the Oslo Airport.  You gotta get creative sometimes I guess.

Veals' story is pretty amazing.  You can check it out here on his BLOG.

In this day and age where we're all wearing multiple hats, making not enough money, stressing to the max about so much... I think we all need something like this.  Something that allows us to detach from the world and just BE.  Something that gives us permission to focus on ourselves for even just 15 minutes.  Reading Veals' story is inspiring.  There's so much more to it than just bailing on his responsibilities for 15 minutes a day.  In a crazy way, Veal was more responsible than any of us this past year and we all need to find our 15 minutes whether it's fishing, prayer, meditation, sports, friends, sleep, whatever.  Find your 15 minutes and give yourself that small piece of heaven every day.  YOU DESERVE IT!


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