The city of Boise, along with state and eventual federal law enforcement, continues to review the crime where two people were killed and four people injured at the Boise Townsquare Mall.

You can read the latest news on the shootings here.  The Boise Mayor and Boise Police Chief held a news conference where Chief Lee told the public to keep the victims in their thoughts. (I was hoping for the mayor or police chief to urge folks to pray for the victims.) That didn't happen, and we placed our trust in our public authorities and law enforcement officers.  

Our state and area are one of the most pro-law enforcement communities in the country. Over the years, several police officers have always complimented the community support they've received in our state. Several organizations hold ceremonies and fundraisers to show law enforcement how much they value their commitment to our community. One of our favorites is "Back the Blue Idaho."

The past few years have not been kind to law enforcement. Federal lawmakers, ignorant activists, and others have started movements like 'defund the police.' We've had folks in our area advocate for police defunding. Others have said that we need to replace the police with social workers. Does anyone really believe that a social worker can take down an active shooter? Did we see any of the police critics rushing to the mall to save lives, put themselves in jeopardy, and handle the bad guys?

How can one describe the courageous acts of the Boise Police Officers encountering a suspect who fired at them? Their actions are the stuff that movies are made of. Police officers protect and serve; the least we can do is return the service they provide to us daily—protecting and serving. Thank you to all law enforcement and their families. We can never thank you enough for your service. 

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