Boise is known for the outdoors, nature, freedom, and fitness, so it's strange that we would be so low on this particular list that combines all four of these traits that the people of the Treasure Valley hold so dear.

When the weather is warm, residents tend to wear less clothing. No one has a problem with short shorts, but Idaho does have strict laws regarding nudity. That's why Boise doesn't make the list of best cities for naked biking. Nearby cities Portland and Seattle are ranked second and third behind Philadelphia.

Is this a missed opportunity for Boise? Are we missing out on revenue that is going elsewhere? Even Salt Lake City ranks in the top 100!

The study was based on the popularity of naked biking, cycle-friendliness, nudist-friendliness, safety, and climate. We would have made this list except for one of these rankings: nudist-friendliness.

Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash
Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash

We don't like nudity in public, but we don't have a problem with it on private property. LawnStarter, the nudity-obsessed company that paid for this study, also studied the best cities for naked gardening, and Boise ranked 135th. We ranked this high because of our weather and the apparent interest in naked gardening.

I've never heard much of a buzz about naked gardening, and naked biking just looks pretty uncomfortable and unsafe. At the very least, you should wear a helmet. That said, there are places where nudity is allowed in Idaho. We've listed those for you below, just in case you wanted to know.

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