Almost every major city in the United States has a nickname. New York City is The Big Apple, Los Angeles is La La Land, Seattle is the Emerald City, Portland is the Rose City, Salt Lake is the City of Saints, New Orleans is the Big Easy, and Boise is the City of Trees.

Yes, "The City of Trees" is widely accepted as Boise's nickname, but it's not very unique, and when I hear the name, I don't always think that it's very fitting. Believe it or not, New York City actually has more trees than Boise.

Other cities also call themselves the City of Trees. Among them are Atlanta, Georgia; Buffalo, New York; and Sacramento, California. That's not to mention the smaller cities that claim the title. Maybe it's time to abandon it for something more fitting of what Boise really is.

There are some more modern nicknames that people have used recently when referring to Boise. There's "B-Town," but who's to say you're not referring to Boston or even Birmingham? We could be "Broncoville," but that might also be Denver. I've heard us called "Big Buck," but I don't understand that at all unless it's a reference to the arcade hunting game.

There's got to be something better than the boring City of Trees nickname. Maybe it should be the City of Geese, the Gem of the Gem, the River City, Fitness City, or the City on the Greenbelt.

No matter what anyone comes up with, my family and I are proud to call Boise by another name: Home.

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