When you look back on the summer of 2018, what was the season's greatest social media craze?

The #inmyfeelingschallenge that your kids are obsessed with? Nah, the challenge that involves people dancing outside of a car to the new Drake song has lead to people being hurt (like broken skull hurt) from jumping out of moving vehicles.

The "Fluff Challenge" that makes it appear that you have vanished, leaving your furry friend completely baffled had it's adorable 15 minutes of fame.

But I think we can all agree (especially after the countless hours of the workday we wasted watching these videos) that the best social media challenge of the summer was the Police Department Lip Sync Challenge Videos.  The challenge has been so entertaining that it's getting even bigger in the Treasure Valley. Now food trucks are getting involved!

It all started when The Rusty Dog posted a video of the food truck crew lip syncing this year's Albertsons Boise Open headliners' biggest hit, "I Want You To Want Me." After their delightfully ridiculous Cheap Trick lip sync, The Rusty Dog challenged Coned to do something even more creative! Our favorite pizza food truck/restaurant didn't disappoint!

The Coned team took on the Backstreet Boys classic "I Want It That Way," embracing the guys' 1990s facial hair and choreographed dance moves and left us laughing out loud! Check out the video below and then head over HERE to get in to win a trip to meet the REAL Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas!

So the question is, who's up next? Burgerlicious? The Kilted Kod? Mad Mac? Coned, you have to let us know who you're going to challenge next! Keep the videos coming!

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