Laura Lounsbury started volunteering at Taft Elementary after she retired as a bank examiner, and now at the age of 96 she's retiring as a foster grandparent and volunteer at the school. Watch as these students tell Grandma Laura how much she means to them, and find out how to get your own older role models involved.

After volunteering at the school just about every day for the past several years, Grandma Laura leaves Taft Elementary at the end of the year and the KTVB cameras were there as the students thanked her for all she's done.

Some of them thanked her for hugs, others thanked her for teaching them love and respect, and others said thanks just for appreciating them.  As a parent, isn't it awesome to know that the kids have this kind of emotional extra to help them get through the school day?  They're surrounded by influences at school, and Grandma Laura sounds like a great one.

Lowell Elementary was lucky enough to have Grandma Laura as a volunteer in the past too, but the sendoff was at Taft, where she currently volunteers.  Principal Tim Lowe thanked her for all of her contributions, and the kids took turns with the hugs and the words of encouragement that you know she'll remember.  Sounds like she's sharp as a tack.

The Foster Grandparent program is always looking for volunteers like Grandma Laura, so if you know someone that would be great at inspiring some kids you can connect them HERE.  It's another way that folks in the Treasure Valley are doing some good. Big hugs, Grandma Laura!

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