Whoa Boise, you've really embraced this whole composting thing!

The City of Boise posted on their Facebook page about the amazing participation from you in their composting program that started two months ago.

In the post, they reveal that since the City started collecting your kitchen scraps, they've accumulated six million pounds of material. WHOA!

That's six million pounds of material that will go to great use AND stay out of the landfill!

So what exactly is the process of turning your banana peels and lawn clippings into compost?

  1. Pick up from your curb.
    1. Every week, compost bins are collected from nearly 70,000 households.
    2. Accepted material:
      1. Leaves, tree branches, stumps, limbs (up to 4 feet in length and less than 60 pounds)
      2. lawn clippings
      3. fruits and veggies
      4. lawn and garden scraps
      5. Coffee grounds, coffee filters, tea bags and egg shells
      6. pine cones and needles
  2. Drop and sort
    1. Material is sent to their composting site, and any material that isn't compostable is sorted out.
  3. Grinding
    1. Everything is ground into nickel-size pieces.
  4. Windrows
    1. The material is then put in long rows called 'windrows'. These are 6'-8' high and 100' in length; then the composting begins.
  5. Turning
    1. The rows are watered and 'turned' over every few days.
  6. Finished compost
    1. Done! The whole process takes about 100 days.

Find out more about the composting program HERE. Great job, Boiseans!

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