I'm very anti "turn on the AC" in May, but this year there's no point in arguing with my husband.

According to Weather Underground, these are the record highs for this time of year:

  • May 28: 99º (Average 75º)
  • May 29: 100º (Average 76º)
  • May 30: 99º (Average 75º)

Pop open the weather app on your phone and you know we're going to be very close to those temperatures as we close out the work week. Normally, I'd be thrilled about it and try to rush home from work to cool down in apartment complex's pool. Unfortunately our clubhouse has been on lockdown since March 17 and rather than communicate with us about a potential re-opening date, we all got a Memorial Day group text reminding us that it's STILL CLOSED.

I'm trying to patient but it's a little annoying because sometime between when we went into lockdown and that group text, they uncovered the pool and put all the furniture out. We know that the complex half a mile away from us reopened their fitness center on May 16 and told their residents that their pool season kicks off on June 10.

If you're very much in the same boat, here's a couple of public places you can cool down by the water as Idaho prepares to enter Stage 3 of the Idaho Rebounds plan. Just remember to be respectful and stay out of the personal bubble of others.

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Quinn's Pond and Esther Simplot Park

Let's be honest. Summer in Boise looks like a big bummer right now. There's NO chance of the public pools opening this year and unlike neighboring towns that let play resume on May 16, Boise's kept their playground and outdoor gym equipment taped/roped off. At least they're letting us visit these great beach areas. It's an expectation that visitors will follow distancing guidelines. If they're not, they may get educated by a park ranger. The beaches are open sunrise to sunset.

Sandy Point Beach

I love this beach up at Lucky Peak! It's a great place for swimming and just working on your tan on the beach. We went up there for a bit on Memorial Day and everyone was being very respectful of distancing guidelines and keeping to their own families. The gate there is open until 6 p.m. thru Friday. We gave the park a call this afternoon and they said starting Saturday, the gate will stay open until 9 p.m. Bring your paddleboard or raft up! You can also rent paddleboards there.

Indian Creek Plaza

According to a post on their Facebook page, the Splash Pads at Indian Plaza are now active 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. If you arrive during those hours and they're not on, just push the green button to get the fountains up and running!

Meridian Splash Pads

Meridian Parks and Recreation's phased re-opening plan currently lists the re-opening date for Splash Pads as May 30. There are Splash Pads located at Settlers Park, Julius M Kleiner Memorial Park, Hillsdale Park and Discovery Park.

Roaring Springs

As long as Governor Little gives the green light for Idaho to move into Stage 3, Roaring Springs will open on Saturday, May 30. We've given you a pretty good overview of their safety precautions and options for guests already. If you missed those plans click HERE for more.

Kuna Splash Pad

According to the Idaho Press, Kuna's Splash Pad will kick off their season on June 1 and will be available for play from noon until 8 p.m. It's an expectation that guests will be smart enough to not visit the splash pad if they or their children are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Boise River

Technically the river is always "open," but now might not be the best time to throw in a tube and make the full float from Barber to Ann Morrison. At this time Boise Fire has not been out on the river to clear debris that your raft could get caught on which can be extremely dangerous. Because it's not officially float season there are no rentals or shuttles available. If you do venture out, take the proper safety equipment like a life jacket. Honestly, if you're using the river to cool off...you're safer sticking close to shore in areas like the takeout at Ann Morrison Park or the small beach by our station.

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