Somebody please play that sound clip of LeBron James shouting "Taco Tuesday" because we're all about it here at the radio station. I'm not sure who began this weekly Tuesday trend but wow, are we grateful for it.

Many call it the best day of the week, we just call it Tuesday because for the last year, we have worked to track down every single taco truck imaginable. Our bodies aren't necessarily thanking us, but you certainly can!

Ahead of Taco Tuesday this week, we've compiled for you what may be the most comprehensive guide to tacos in the Treasure Valley, all in one place.

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Make some room on your favorite bar on your phone or desktop browser because here in the Treasure Valley there are a TON of options and we've outlined some of the very best and some of the very worst, below.

Our taco escapades took us everywhere from downtown Boise to a dirt lot in rural Caldwell. Nothing was off limits when it came to finding the right place.

Now, the results are in and we want to know where you agree or disagree with us. We kick off this ultimate taco guide below--and yes, with a rating system of 1 being worst and 5 being best--there are even a few places that received ABOVE a 5!!

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