I've never been "excited" over a plastic straw. In fact, they're just there..sometimes you expect them, sometimes you don't.  I have, however, been excited over the LACK of a plastic straw--and that's a movement coming to downtown Boise being led by Ted Challenger and his team.

Ted owns and operates The Tailgate, China Blue, Dirty Little Roddy's, and Amsterdam Lounge. Challenger Hospitality Group's bars consistently lead the nightlife scene and after reading some exciting news today, are now leading an environmentally friendly practice in downtown Boise.

Plastic straws and stir sticks will no longer be given with drinks ordered at Challenger's four bars. With the ladies in mind, if you want to avoid smearing lipstick, all four bars will offer a paper straw upon request.

Until I looked into the contribution that plastic straws can play on overall pollution--I honestly never would have thought about this as a method or a step towards being conscious of our environment. Are straws really even necessary to drink a beverage!?

It can take up to 200 years for one straw to decompose. National Geographic wrote a pretty awesome article about the impact of plastic straws on National Skip The Straw Day, which admittedly I missed. More on that by clicking HERE.

Now, it seems a topic like this will always become political which is fine. However, I really don't think politics needs to be brought into this. Left, Right, Conservative, Liberal...whatever you consider yourself, I think we can all agree that a little less plastic in our landfills certainly can't HARM us.


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