When it comes to fine dining in Boise, let's be honest--only a few restaurants come to mind. There is no doubt that the Treasure Valley has a million amazing places to eat--each with its own unique vibe and esthetic. But the general population, however, could probably only name THREE, if we had to guess, "fancy nights out". To be honest, we think of the same few as well--and we LOVE them. Sometimes, however, you have to branch out and try something new.

Believe it or not--one of the best nights out in the entire Treasure Valley is in Nampa and "Boise Folks" that haven't driven out for a change in dinner scenery are totally overlooking this gem.

Real Nampa local's will remember when the restaurant was nothing more than an empty, abandoned building. In fact--it didn't even have stairs to get in--and the front doors are quite high.

We're talking about the former Masonic Temple on 11th Avenue South in Nampa--that for years, was really just an eye sore. There's no doubt that the building is historic--but it took years for anyone to take a chance on that building and now, it's thriving.

What went on inside of this Masonic Temple? Its history dates back to the 1800's and the secret society has always been a fascination of American culture. Now, converted into a restaurant that serves amazing cuisine--it's tough not to enjoy the unique historic and sometimes "eerie" vibe of this trendy night out.

Take a look at what Brick 29, now on the second floor of this former Masonic Temple, has to offer: 

A Look Inside One of The Treasure Valley's Best Restaurants

Great cuisine, great views, and extensive history are inside of this former Masonic Temple!

Want to learn more about Brick 29? CLICK HERE

We should be clear that as eerie or mysterious as the building might be--the folks at Brick 29 have done an amazing job of building out a trendy, contemporary vibe in the restaurant. For those that love the mystery and history however, it's the best of both worlds!

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