If you are on social media at all this week, you will quickly understand that school has started. Boise State is underway, and high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools aren't far behind.

As parents, there is some sort of reflex that makes us mark these back-to-school moments on Facebook, and as you might be able to see in this picture, the kids would rather just hurry up and get to class.

In fact, my 6-year old begged me to finish up with these pics and let her escape to her first grade room.  She didn't even notice the other sets of parents to our right, left, those under the tree, up against the school's brick wall, and at the flagpole also forcing their kids to stop and capture the moment.  A few minutes later, all of those pictures turned up on social media like they were shot out of a fire hose.

The fresh haircuts will stop looking so fresh in a few days, the new shoes will get scuff marks and grass stains, the backpacks will get holes, and the excitement of seeing old friends again will turn into fights over who gets in front of the lunch line first.  But the first day of school is awesome!

Just don't forget to set a reminder on your phone to pick up the kids every afternoon, parents.  It takes all of us a few days to get into the new routine.