There are certain topics that continue to be important to people living in Boise:

  • Rising housing costs
  • Which hot dog carts are the best
  • Awful potato jokes

Now, is "I want people to know I'm the real me online, and I'm willing to pay for it" going to be added to the list?

Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, it's been the Wild West on the bluebird's social media platform. Musk is already banning people for impersonating him, and now he has this notion that Twitter users will willingly shell out $8 every month just for to enjoy the luxury of having a blue checkmark next to their Twitter handle.

Now, some sources are saying the "pay to play" format for Twitter verification has been pushed back, but is still going to happen.

Weird flex I know, but as a person who has a blue checkmark on Twitter, it's really not all that and a bag of potato chips. Sure it looks cool, but it doesn't get you money, tons of internet clout, or anything like that. If you're in the entertainment or journalism world, it may make sense for you not to want people impersonating you, but would you pay for it?

Are you going to open your Venmo account to Elon Musk so you can get verified on Twitter? Is social media clout worth spending actual, real-world money on it?

Or are we all going to leave Twitter and go back to putting our Top 8 together on MySpace? I'm here for it.

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