Today, as we remember the events of 15 years ago, and the tragedy and heroism that was displayed, I wanted to share a look at 9/11 Memorials in both Washington DC and New York. 

Last summer, I took a trip with my family to the East Coast, and stops in both Washington DC and New York allowed a chance to spend time at memorials in both cities for the events on this day 15 years ago.

The Pentagon Memorial sits at the exact place the plane flew into the building.  The benches that honor the fallen are pointed towards the building if they were on the airplane, away from it if they were on the ground.  It's a beautiful and moving experience to send time there.

The World Trade Center in New York is now the home of the Freedom Tower that stands in place of where the Twin Towers once were.  In place of the towers, and in their footprint are now to fountains.  The water falls downward towards the bottom of the locations of the towers (and is a part of the underground museum), and is surrounded by the names of those who were working in the buildings and first-responders who bravely ran towards the danger.

Both are very moving places to visit.  It's hard not to be deeply impacted by the amount of names that are present at both locations, and there is a beauty to both at the same time.  On this day, I remember those lost, and honor those who then (and those who still do today) put their safety aside to offer it to others in need.


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