Alexa, order my Christmas tree!

We know your kids probably haven't even picked their Halloween costumes out yet, but we're pretty excited that we're less than 100 days away from Christmas!  Chances are you'll order at least on gift from Amazon this holiday season.  It might be a toy you can't find locally or a last minute gift that you absolutely need in two days (love that Prime shipping!) But have you ever thought about ordering your Christmas tree online?

We're not talking about an easy to set-up, pre-lit artificial tree.  We're talking about a fresh, seven foot tall Norfolk Island Pine or Douglas Fir shipped straight to your front door! It's something new the internet retail giant is trying in 2018! Within 10 days of the tree getting the axe, they'll be tied and boxed up and shipped out without water in the box.  Being that fresh, the trees shouldn't have any problems surviving the shipping process. Some trees will qualify for Prime's awesome free shipping and the plan is to give users the option to pre-order so they can pick their tree's arrival date. They'll also offer wreaths and poinsettias.

Some people are critical Amazon's venture into the live Christmas tree business, saying that it will negatively impact local Christmas tree farms and lots. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, other online retailers who sold live trees last year only accounted for 1-2% of the 27 million fresh trees sold in 2017, so the option to order through Amazon might not have that big of an impact in local communities.

Others say that ordering a Christmas tree online will slowly kill off one of the most fun festivities a family can do together, chopping down or searching the lot together for the perfect tree to be the centerpiece of their family's holiday celebration.  I don't know many people who would deprive their kids of the experience in favor of buying one online...but I will say it would be a coo option for a DINK (dual income, no kids) family like ours.  My husband and I were so busy during the holidays last year that we didn't get around to setting up our pre-lit tree until two days before he flew home to Ohio to visit family.  The poor tree sat there with no decorations through Christmas day.  Having a live tree show up at our front door would force us to slow down and spend a few hours together focused on one of the warmer, more sentimental moments of the holiday season instead of the hustle and bustle of getting ahead at work, shopping for the perfect gift, etc.

What do you think of Amazon's new Christmas venture? Love it or leave it?


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