Five days removed from the situation, I feel a little bad about it. 

Over the weekend, my girlfriends and I took a road trip to Salt Lake City for FanX.  It's a giant Comic Con that brings together people from all kinds of different fandoms: Marvel, Star Wars, boy bands, Harry Potter, comics, video name it, there's somebody into it at FanX. Between hugging Tom Holland (Spider-Man,) giggling at the fact that Kiefer Sutherland didn't know who Captain Marvel, hearing about Chris Kirkpatrick's non-really bobblehead collection and having Joey Fatone be the one to decide that we were doing a hugging pose for our photo-op was a weekend I won't soon forget.

Now, we may have bene in Salt Lake for the convention but as loyal Boise State fans, we made it a point to leave the convention center with enough time to see kick-off of the BSU vs. Marshall game.  We called ahead to a brewpub around the street from our hotel to make sure that had ESPN2 and that they'd be willing to put the game on for us. They said it wouldn't be a problem.

Not long after we sat down and got our drinks, BSU had first big running play of the game.  We were pretty excited and let out some "run, run, run, go, go, go" cheers.  That's when one of the bartenders very loudly said "calm down and be quiet." I looked at my friends like "Did I hear that right? Did we really just get scolded for cheering for the game?" They nodded their heads and from that point on, we sarcastically golf clapped every time the Broncos had a good play.

The whole interaction really rubbed me the wrong way. The whole reason we came to that restaurant was to watch the game. We weren't at a sit down table deep in the restaurant. We were at the bar right as you walk in the doors. We were excited, but not obnoxious so I was completely shocked by how rude this bartender was to us. At the end of the game, I just couldn't bring myself to tip him. So I didn't.

Five days later, I feel really bad about that. Most servers can't make ends meet without tips from their customers and because I lost my cool a little bit, I negatively impacted someone's livelihood. I sincerely do feel really bad about it now.

What do you guys think? Am I a bad person for not tipping? (It won't hurt my feelings if you say yes.)

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