I got my dog Charlie (pictured on the right) almost six years ago, and I’ll admit – I didn’t really understand the magnitude of what I was signing up for.

She was a little rescue dog that was underfed, abused and scared. She needed a lot of attention, love and care, and I was a little overwhelmed at first.

She came into my life so suddenly, and I couldn’t help but wonder: What was I thinking? What did I just get myself into?


Well, I can easily say without a single doubt in my mind, that adopting Charlie was the best decision I have ever made. 

She is the little love of my life, and I am so beyond grateful every single day that I have her.

I may have rescued her, but in many ways, she rescued me. 


Because of this, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the shelters that save animals, and then help them and pet owners find each other.

This got me thinking that maybe your next fur baby is currently at a facility just down the street?

Whether you’re searching for an addition to your family, you’re hoping to donate or be a foster parent, or you simply love looking at adorable animals, listed below are some of the local animal shelters in the Treasure Valley.

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