This might be the year that one of those nostalgic and picturesque Christmas moments actually comes to life.  Santa's sleigh might be traveling right across a beautiful full moon for the first time since 1977.  And if Santa gets stuck in the chimney, he'll have plenty of light to work his way out.

The Weather Channel says this will be a noticeable moon for a few reasons  It's the first time all year that the moon will be in the sky all night long, called an "oak moon" or a "cold moon."  It will rise at sunset Christmas Eve, and it will be high in the sky all night long, the Weather Channel says, because December moons tend to have a long arc and a high trajectory. We can't miss it.  And it will reach its peak fullness at 5:11am central time on Christmas morning.  Rudolph is pretty awesome at lighting the way, but the full moon can't hurt.  The next full moon on Christmas day will happen in 2034 if you want to plan ahead.

By the way, the countdown is on until Santa departs, and the Google Santa Tracker has some games, videos, and a Santa Selfie to keep us occupied.  Click HERE for the countdown.

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