We may be known for our potatoes, but we're a great foodie state and these dishes are hard to find outside of Idaho.


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    Finger Steaks

    I had never heard of finger steaks until moving to the Treasure Valley, but oh boy are they delish! Strips of steak battered and fried. Surprisingly, they taste awesome with cocktail sauce.

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    The Ice-Cream Potato

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    Basque Food

    Croquetas are a fried breadcrumb roll that can be filled with meat, cheese, fish, or potatoes. Idaho is home to the largest Basque community in the United States and the culture has brought some delicious treats!

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    Huckleberry Everything

    I always associate huckleberries with Idaho. I have the best memories of my great-grandma's huckleberry jam on hot scones, huckleberry shakes, syrup, it's all good!

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    Rocky Mountain Oysters

    I was dared to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters the first week I moved to the Treasure Valley and I couldn't do it. For those of you who are naive to Rocky Mountain Oysters, they aren't oysters at all! They are bull testicles battered and fried!! I couldn't get the image out of my head. I'll stick with the finger steaks.

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    Idaho Sturgeon Caviar

    Moving on from Rocky Mountain Oysters, we also have Idaho Sturgeon Caviar, which is fish eggs and apparently, these ones are particularly delicious. I'll pass.

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    Habanero Pizza

    It's the hottest pizza you'll ever taste in your life. They offer it up in the summer at Flying Pie Pizzeria. I've tried it and I felt it for days, but it's kind of fun to take on the challenge!

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    Fry Sauce

    Sure, you can find this in Utah, maybe even Montana or Wyoming, but you go back East or even to California and they will look at you like you are a crazy person and hand you ketchup if you ask for fry sauce. If you are new to this delicacy, it's ketchup mixed with mayo and you don't want to eat fries without it.