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Boise State basketball coach Leon Rice has posted five (5) twenty win seasons as the Broncos head coach and is well on the way to his sixth as BSU is 14-3 overall this season.

Despite that success the Broncos have been hard pressed to sellout Taco Bell Arena which seats 12,000.

Recently while chatting with the media about attendance Rice told us if BSU fans would sellout Taco bell arena, even for one game, he'd swim across the Boise River.

After thinking about it, Rice said he'd actually find a shallow part of the river and walk across the river so he doesn't get swept away.

Obviously the media latched on to that promise and the hype continues to grow.

Coach Rice actually tweeted a video of him preparing for his possible trek across the river, preparation which may be timely as nearly 9,000 tickets have been sold for Saturdays game against San Diego State. That's getting pretty close to a sellout!

When Rice made his promise I reminded him former BSU football coach Pokey Allen also challenged the fans and he ended up riding a horse down Broadway Avenue in a snowstorm.

While coach Rice is having fun with this, the team says the fans are a huge help in them winning at home. The real reason to fill Taco bell arena Saturday night is for fans to watch a thrilling basketball team loaded with talent. If that means coach Rice has to try and walk on water to cross the Boise River that's just a bonus.

Check out Coach Rice's video tweet below: be sure an notice the stylish hat!

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