My dad is 77.  Over the last 10 years he had the love of his life for over 40 years die in his arms on the day they were to board for their first cruise together, it would have been to Alaska.  While Mom died from Colon Cancer, he kept from her that he had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. dad didn't want her last months to be anything she would have to think about except her.  For that matter I was the only one who knew before Mom passed and promised for Dad to be the one who would tell people when the time was right.

A few years later he would get to know Cheryl who had lost her husband from cancer and the two of them started part two of their lives together.  They are both what the other needed.  Part of what they do for the other is challenge each other to live every day.

A few years ago Dad started test driving cars for Roush Racing.  He drives 3-4 days each week usually about 350 miles.  Today I got a call from him while he was taking a break and shortly after this picture came in.  I figure at some point he will slow down a bit.

Love You Dad.