Another year has passed and time once again for our annual salute to Fathers, Dads, Pops, insert your name of choice here if I missed it.Sunday people will hold barbecues, dinners, give gifts in honor of Father's Day.  Regardless of the expense of the gift, whether it's another tie, aftershave or something really big, we can never express our gratitude to our father's who've made us how we are.  While all Dads aren't perfect, they sure do know the meaning of sacrifice.  When you become a dad, you soon realize 'it ain't about you anymore.'

Dads don't get big trophy's or big money contracts, but there are MVPs when it comes to instilling a work ethic,compassion, and being a role model.  Sadly, rappers don't release songs about being a good father.  They should and our culture would be better for it.

Dads are the ultimate team players.  They work extra jobs so their kids can go to a better school or the family can live in a nicer neighborhood.  Dads understand sometimes the kids come first.  Fans of the Lion King call it the 'Circle of Life."  Dads look at their kids seeing unlimited potential as they give love unconditionally.

Popular culture has begun to profile what it takes to be a great dad or grandad.  My current favorite involves a grandfather who is about to buy his dream car after saving for it for many years.  His granddaughter comes to live with him and soon his attention moves to helping her.  The final scene is the grandfather surprising his granddaughter with a new car for her as his dream car passes them by.

This ad from Budweiser is well worth the watch.  It's once of the greatest gifts a kid can give their dads.  In it, children thanks their step dads for what they've done for them over the years.  You don't need big bucks to say in a few,or many words, how much your dad has meant to you.  I believe writing it down is even more powerful and is something that will be cherished for years.  Just like we love our dads.

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