The past two years have been tough on the restaurant industry. It's no surprise that the unique set of challenges restaurant owners have faced made some reevaluate if they'd like to stay in the industry. 


Like restaurants all over the country, the ones in Boise have had difficulty finding enough employees to keep their kitchens and dining rooms staffed. Trying to do more with less forced some to adjust their hours to prevent the employees they did have from completely burning out.

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However, owning a restaurant in Boise comes with increased challenges because of how overvalued our real estate market is. Some local restaurants that were doing well suddenly found themselves wondering how they could afford inflated prices of supplies and continue to pay their employees after being hit with BIG rent increases when it came time to renew the lease. A handful of them folded because they realized there was absolutely no way to make it work.

Exiting the restaurant industry seems to be on the mind of at least seven owners in Boise. We'd love to tell you which ones they are, but we just don't know! All five of them are blind items listed for sale on Loop Net, a commercial real estate site. Think you can figure out which ones they are? We've pulled as many clues as we can out of their listings to help you solve the mystery.

If you super sleuths have any theories about which restaurants they are, let us know!

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Seven restaurant owners are hoping to get out of their business and move on to greener pastures. Which ones? We don't know! Can you help us solve the mystery?

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