We've gotten to a point where it's actually painful to share the news that another one of your favorite summer traditions has been canceled, postponed or gone virtual due to COVID-19.

We've already lost the Western Idaho Fair, Canyon County Fair, Boise Music Festival, Jaialdi, Eagle Fun Days, Meridian Dairy Days, the Snake River Stampeded, Caldwell Night Rodeo, Boise Hawks Season and Hyde Park Street Fair. The growing list of cancellations can make it seem like summer fun is fleeting in the Treasure Valley, so we started a list of things that you can (still) do to create memories before the kids go back to school (whatever that looks like in the fall.)

We'd love to get this list to 107, so if you've got suggestions we didn't think of please post them in our comments section!

  1. Visit and take selfies in Freak Alley
  2. Watch the sunset at Table Rock
  3. Ride the mountain coaster at Bogus Basin
  4. Pet the Kangaroos at Babby Farms on a Discount Thursday
  5. Enjoy live music at Indian Creek Plaza's "Tuesdays on The Creek"
  6. Get a scoop of boozed infused ice cream at The STIL
  7. Go sand boarding at Bruneau Sand Dunes
  8. See a movie at Parma Motor Vu or Terrace Drive In
  9. Three Words: Boise. Goat. Yoga.
  10. Bam Bam Mojitos on the Roof at the Reef
  11. Take a roadtrip to Shoshone Falls
  12. Paddle board at Quinn's Pond
  13. Play in the sand at Discovery Park
  14. Grab a Dole Whip Float at Le Crème
  15. Visit the new Nyala calf at Zoo Boise
  16. Play in the sprinkler
  17. Go fishing
  18. Ride Snake River Run at Roaring Springs
  19. Go hiking in the Owyhee Mountains
  20. Make a new craft at Hammer and Stain
  21. Try a new wine at one of Caldwell's wineries
  22. Float the Boise River
  23. Backyard pool party with a small group of friends
  24. Play mini golf at Wahooz
  25. Long bike rides on the Boise Greenbelt
  26. Cool off at the Kleiner Park Splash Pad
  27. Disc Golf at Eagle Island
  28. Water balloon fight
  29. Devour a Westside Drive In Idaho Ice Cream Potato
  30. Read a book in a hammock
  31. Go swimming at Sandy Point Beach
  32. Sign-up for and complete at Virtual 5K Run
  33. Let your dog run at Molenaar Park's new off-leash dog park
  34. Shop the Meridian Main Street Market
  35. Learn to sew your own mask
  36. Go see Tinker the T-Rex at the Discovery Center of Idaho
  37. Make s'mores with Reese's Cups instead of chocolate bars
  38. Pick blueberries at at July Blueberries in Eagle
  39. Adopt a new friend at Simply Cats
  40. Ride the waterslide at Eagle Island
  41. Try a new wine at one of Caldwell's wineries
  42. Order hard slushies for delivery from Western Collective
  43. Eat on an outdoor patio in Downtown Boise
  44. Cover your driveway in beautiful chalk art
  45. Day trip to Jump Creek
  46. Try a genuine Ice Cream Soda at Goody's
  47. Look for Balloons during the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic
  48. Make cookies and turn them into ice cream sandwiches
  49. Look at flowers in the Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park
  50. Right a positive review on Google or Facebook for a local small business
  51. Go zip lining in Horseshoe Bend
  52. Get takeout from a local restaurant you've never tried before and have a picnic
  53. Make your own Kalimotxo and countdown to Jaialdi 2021
  54. Go to McCall and hike to the downed World War II era plane
  55. Day trip to one of the blue lakes near Twin Falls
  56. Go camping
  57. Search for Morel Mushrooms
  58. Rent a projector and play video games on your garage door
  59. Make a new sew fleece blanket to keep your warm during BSU football season
  60. Clean out the pantry and donate unwanted non-perishable to the Idaho Food Bank

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