In 2011, the estimated population for the Boise Metro Area was 627,670. In 2021, the number grew to 789,784. With more than 160,000 new Treasure Valley residents, change is inevitable. 

To many of us who've lived here a decade or longer, we didn't realize how dramatic the changes were as they were happening because the construction, orange cones and road closures seemed to drag on FOREVER. That's why these before and after photos look pretty jaw-dropping.

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The Google Street View car visited Boise again last summer, so we thought it'd be fun to do a "10 Year Challenge" to show you just how much Boise has changed over the past decade. The results of our little experiment are pretty wild.

52 Unbelievable Photos of How Much Downtown Boise Has Changed Over 10 Years

You do it with Facebook profile pictures. Downtown Boise does it with Google Maps. Here's a look at just how much Boise has changed since 2011.

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20 Amazing Photos of Boise Hotels From 1910-1980s

Over the past few years, Boise's experienced what they've called a "room boom." Do you like the new hotels or do you miss some of these vintage ones that used to call Downtown Boise and the surrounding area home?

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