Some of you are really bummed that Paramount has made the decision to cancel the Cops in light of ongoing protests across the country. 

As protests continue, the peaceful vigil in honor of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement in Boise has grabbed the attention of many. Video of the event, thought to be one of the largest to ever take place in front of the capitol building, was retweeted and recognized by Ice-T.

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Unfortunately, not all gatherings calling for an end to racism, social equality and police brutality have been as amicable and reflective as Boise's. That's why Paramount has the decision to cancel the series Cops after over 30 years on the air.

In the years leading up to the cancellation, Boise's appeared on Cops quite a few times. Based on the comments you left on our Facebook page, many of you will miss the series so before we bid it a final farewell we dug up five times that the Boise Police Department appeared on the series. In several of the videos, you'll notice the officers offer substance abuse help resources during the calls they were responding too.

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